Dear friends,

We hope you are all well. We know that many of you have already tied enough flies to fish in a couple of lives, checked all your equipment and probably added some other "necessary" item, toured all your friends on Facebook and Instagram, and changed the date of your tickets with greater or lesser optimism. In short, the most "useful" acts you could think of to clarify your mind and calm the mood in these pandemic times with an eye on the proximity of the vaccine and another on the luggage. We are also on the same page.

That is the reason why we have long wanted to share with all of you the remarkable experiences we have had with the visits of prestigious photographers and audiovisual artists who have come to our Lodge throughout the different seasons. They have been attracted by the unique landscape of the Strobel Plateau, by the expression that fly fishing acquires in this turbulent Southern Patagonia, by the incredible trout that inhabit its waters, and by the wild birds and animals that wander in the immensity. And probably because they are aware of our deep love for the photographic art that has them as the main actors and us as happy fans and witnesses of the artworks they create.

Since we have a beautiful collection of these photo artists, we have thought of sharing a series of articles that we have named "Love (for photography) in the time of Covid" in honour of one of our favourite latin american authors, Gabriel García Marquez and his famous masterpiece "Love in the time of Cholera", that mainly aim at showing our "place in the world" through the incredible expert eye, the creativity, the technical handling, the vision, the sensitivity and, ultimately, the art that they generate with their famous worldwide work.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that having been the eyewitnesses of the creative process of each one of them is an epiphany in itself. The obsession for the appropriate light, the search for its exact moment, the frenetic pace in shooting, and the fleeting moment of capturing the ungraspable makes us genuinely admire them as they “give birth” to his work.

Today we begin with a very prestigious couple of photographers, with a remarkable international career, creators of emblematic photographs that are found in countless books and catalogs of the most famous brands. Barry, usually behind the camera, along with his wife Cathy, partner and main muse of his art, travel the world and stay with us every year, a visit we sincerely look forward to because of their warmth, sympathy  and the remarkable kindness that both radiate.

Here’s  Barry & Cathy Beck! Enjoy!

Roberto Alba

Ps: To know more about Barry and Cathy please check: